Thanks to everyone who donated and/or spread the word, we reached our fundraising goal before our April 24, 2011 deadline! If you would still like to donate and/or are interested in any of our donor rewards, pls. contact us!

Please visit the News Page for opportunities to screen the film!

When you begin any journey in creating, armed with nothing but your hands and imagination, you never expect that your small seed of an idea could blossom to involve so much time, energy, people and resources, financial and otherwise.

“11 24” is truly a labor of love, not just from me as director, but from the many friends and once-strangers I have found along the way in this journey of making this little baby of a project of mine a reality, all of whom are generously contributing their time, talents and resources to this endeavor.

In addition, the project has received technical and production support through the Visual Communications Armed With a Camera Fellowship, along with an AWC grant of $500.

But, we still need to raise more than $1500 to reach our budget and recoup the costs of making the film--costs which many times filmmakers have to rely on credit, favors and even pulling some money out of their financial aid to meet.

Along with equipment, paying for gas, catering for shoot days, and other production/post-production costs it takes to make this film, a good portion of this money will go to providing an on set studio teacher for the actress playing Ligaya. And hopefully, if we exceed the minimum amount we are asking for, we can also pay back all the people that made this film possible in some way.

It would also be incredible to use any extra funds raised to build ways to continue community-oriented and culturally meaningful storytelling in Long Beach, CA, especially among youth.

This project has been approved as a SAG Union film via the low budget route. Along with following strict SAG policies that ensures the best interest of all the actors, it is California state law to have a specially credentialed studio teacher on set at all times when using a child actor.

Every dollar and every supporter counts! Please help this labor of love flourish, not only by donating money, but by also spreading the word about the project!

Please help us exceed our minimum fundraising goal of $1500!

We have until April 24, 2011 to reach our fundraising goal on, a new way to fund and follow creative projects that offers donors incentives for their contribution. Filmmakers set a minimum fundraising goal, and we only receive the funds if we reach that goal.

NOTE: You're credit card will not be charged until after the fundraising campaign is over on APRIL 24, 2011 and only if we reach our goal. But we will reach our goal!


  • PLEDGE $10 OR MORE: SPECIAL THANKS - Receive a personalized thank you postcard and your name on the support page of the "11 24" website as a community supporter. Also blog, Facebook and Twitter shout outs from the "11 24" crew. 
  • PLEDGE $25 OR MORE: "11 24" PREVIEW + SCREENPLAY - All of the above + access to a special link to preview the festival cut version of the film + 11 24 Screenplay
  • PLEDGE $50 OR MORE: COMMUNITY SCREENING - All of the above plus 2 VIP invitations to a special community screening of films produced by the 2011 Visual Communications Armed With a Camera Fellows, including “11 24.” This event will include a question and answer session with the filmmakers, performances by local artists, as well as a meet and greet after-party with the cast and crew, complete with refreshments and good food. Exact date and location TBD, but will be sometime in Summer 2011 in the Southern California area. 
  •  PLEDGE $75 OR MORE: DINNER + SOME GREAT CONVERSATION WITH THE 11 24 CAST AND CREW: All of the above plus an invitation to bond with some of the "11 24" cast and crew over a home made meal and fantabulous conversation about life, art, filmmaking and whatever else you'd like to talk about. The "11 24" crew is pretty awesome and loads of fun so you'll be sure to have a good time. This reward is limited to the first TEN people who pledge at this level.
  • PLEDGE $125 OR MORE: BE AN ASSOCIATE PRODUCER - All of the above + become an ASSOCIATE PRODUCER on our film! That’s right, your name will appear alphabetically during the end title crawl under the heading ASSOCIATE PRODUCERS, along with a listing on IMDB. This reward is limited to the first EIGHT people who pledge at this level.

For more details and to make your contribution please go to 11 24's project page on! 

For a list of donors and community supporters, please visit the Thank You page.